Banijay Belgium is part of the Banijay Group, the world’s largest independent content creator for television and multimedia platforms.

From Kanakna Productions (1993) to Zodiak Belgium (2007) to... Banijay Belgium!

Now the time has come to close the door on the Zodiak era and fully embrace the bright pink Banijay identity as Banijay Belgium.

Over the years, Banijay Belgium has built up an outstanding and remarkably diverse portfolio of programmes, ranging from reality TV series such as The Block, Expeditie Robinson and Mijn Restaurant, to scripted reality shows that include De Buurtpolitie and fiction projects such as Tom & Harry and GR5. Banijay’s current titles in Belgium include Klopjacht, Liefde voor Muziek, Blind Gekocht, Erfgenaam Gezocht…

…plus, of course, Familie! Banijay Belgium has been producing the popular vtm soap ‘Familie’ since 2018 from the studios in Lint.


Andy Op Patrouille

Blind Gekocht

Erfgenaam Gezocht



Liefde Voor Muziek

De Buurtpolitie

Extreme Make-Over Home Edition


Jonge Wolven


Les Associés

Op Een Ander

Uit De Kleren

Our vision

As a creative collective, our aim is to provide an open corporate culture in which talented people can develop and fulfil themselves, while creating compelling stories with a great deal of pleasure and pride.

We work together to develop and sell original ideas – some of which have worldwide potential – that we distribute via our own channels or through our partners.

Our values

We nurture and promote transparency, support and respect. The creative freedom, innovation and teamwork generated within the Banijay Belgium team results in storymaking of the very highest pedigree.

The team

Isabelle Dams

Managing Director

Dirk Ver Hoeye

Chief Financial Officer


Fancy tackling a varied and challenging job at Banijay Belgium or are you looking for some enriching work experience? Whether you dream of spending hours in an editing suite, getting to grips with the administrative side of the business or being a vital part of the production team on set… Nothing is too crazy!

Delight us with your eye-catching CV and convince us you should be part of the Banijay Belgium team!


Longing for a career in front of the camera or fancy a role in a reality show, fiction series or film? If so, this is your cue!

Would you rather prefer to feature in a small supporting role? For all of our other fiction and drama projects we work with In The Picture. Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail for more information.

Get in touch

Where will you find us?

Fabriekstraat 38 bus 6, 2547 Lint

If you’re coming to see us by car, you can park nearby in one of the large car parks available. If you would rather come to Lint by train – that’s no problem either! In fact, the train station in Lint (Kontich) is located right next to our building.

Banijay Belgium’s offices are easy to reach via car park C. From there, it’s a short walk between the two buildings until you come to a sign that says ‘Entrance 1’. Follow the way to the large reception hall and take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor. You’ve reached your destination: Banijay Belgium.

Extra information

for all your questions: info@banijaybelgium.com
business hours: Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
telephone: +32 (0)3 291 11 00
fax: +32 (0)3 291 11 01